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Swine Flu update – we are ok!!

Yes, we’ve obviously heard about the swine flu. We are quite far from Mexico City, but some people are walking around in surgical masks and gloves (especially people who deal with tourists – at sites and at toll road payment stops). Some of the big sites are closed as well as museums and movie theaters. […]

Isla Mujeres – the ladies’ island…

We had high expctations from Isla Mujeres, after Cancun. It’s a nice island, only 7 km long, with an impressive collection of restaraunts and small shops at the centeral area. At first, it doesn’t strike as all that interesting. The good places along the shore are expensive (not Cancun-style expensive, but still – 600 pesos), […]


Patzcuaro is yet another tiny little town, with colonial-style buildings and picturesque streets. We only had a few hours to explore it, as we planned on arriving to Morelia that evening, but we had just enough time to try the local speciality – Flor de Calvaza (the flowers of the pumpkin). I think cows eat […]