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Mexico summery – some thoughts and our best moments

We are getting ready to leave Mexico, and we have some concluding thoughts about it. The first and most important thing to say it that Mexico is a beautiful country, and the people are kind and welcoming. We’ve had the privelege to meet some amazing people and to see truly magnificent places. There is much […]

Chetumal and back to Bacalar..

We got to Chetumal and after visiting a few garages for some minor car repairs, we met up with Irina, our host. When we only got to her place, she appologized and told us she had to teach a Salsa class soon, but invited us to join. It was sooo hot (Chetumal is hot and […]

Laguna Bacalar – the laguna of seven colors, and a seriously deep cenote. Oh, and a visit to a Mexican prison…

We drove from Mahahual to Laguna Bacalar, and immdeiately settled in at Casita Carolina. Most places here around the laguna are similar – a big house with a large lawn going all the way to the laguna, a small dock for entering the water and getting to little kayaks, a few cabanas, and owned by […]

Mahahual – could you get more rustic than Punta Allen? No, but it’s close..

Mahahual was our next stop heading south of the Mexican Caribbean coast. It’s much more touristy than Punta Allen, and in that sense it is more pampering, but after having enjoyed Punta Allen’s ruggedness so much, we though we wouldn’t like Mahahual and would probably move on shortly. As always, it is the people who […]

Punta Allen – it takes a while to get used to, but then it’s really good..

After the manatees tour, we kept driving into the reserve, towrds the tip of it. There’s a small town called Punta Allen; it’s so small and remote, that there is electricity only on certain hours, and all the streets are sandy and unpaved. Very rustic… So it’s very small and… well, ok, at first we […]

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Heading south from Tulum there is a biosphere reserve with a laguna that Itai was anxious to see. It started off not too promising, but it really is a beautiful place.

Tulum – way over-rated…

Finding a place to sleep in Tulum near the beach was not easy. Everything is really expensive, and the rooms are not that nice…. They are on the beach, though. We ended up staying at a place that was ok, although the cabins were quite louzy. It was very expensive, too! Seems like the more […]

Cenote Azul – better to avoid these places on the weekends…

On our way south, heading from Playa to Tulum, we stopped at Cenote Azul. Lu had not seen a cenote, and we were happy for a break from the sea, in the fresh waters of a centoe. This cenote is very different from the ones we have been to in Yucatan – it is a […]

Playa Del Carmen – not what we were looking for…

Our next stop, after the wonderful Isla, was Playa del Carmen, better known as Playa. We’ve been told that after Cancun over-exploaded with tourists and especially folks from the United States and all inclusive deals at the fancy hotels and mega-ight-clubs, tourists strated heading to Playa for a more tranquile Caribbean experience. It used to […]

Isla Mujeres – update and clarification

Lu is back! She came with the ferry from Cancun and left us a note on our door. It was about 1830, so we knew just where we’d find her; she is so predictable.. She was at the northern beach, waiting for the sunset… The northen beach is indeed beautiful, but the next day we […]