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Nicaragua seems troubled over the situation in Honduras

After spending a night at Danli near the Honduras-Nicaraguan border, we woke up early in the morning and headed towards Nicaragua, away from all the political and social mess in Honduras. We arrived at the border pretty fast, and cleared the Honduran side in less than 10 minutes (and an exit fee we’re not sure […]

Adventure follows.. The Honduran coup and us

So we’re having a little social unrest around here… Yeah, where we go, adventure and excitement follow (swine flu in Mexico, earthquake in Belize.. why not a coup in Honduras?).

Charging up on some Caribbean atmosphere

Itai is taking his diving course on Utila, one of the Bay Islands on the Honduran Caribbean coast. Since I am not planning on diving (explanations inside), we found a school that could offer me a relaxing surrounding for the 4 days Itai will be studying. This school is Captain Morgan’s; they run the course […]

A pampering beginning to Honduras

We started the day early in Antigua, Guatemala, heading for the Hunduras border at El Florido, the closest spot to Copan – one of the famous Maya sites in Honduras. It wasn’t supposed to be too long of a drive to the border, but since most of such drives in Guatemala ended up being longer […]

Bird watching @ Macaw Mountain (it’s easy to spot the birds when they’re in cages..)

Just before we left nice and cozy Copan Ruinas, our most welcoming welcome to Honduras, we stopped at the Macaw Mountain Bird Park. The park is located in the hills just outside of Copan Ruinas, and has many colorful local birds in big cages. The animals are all rescue-birds, we were told, which is comforting.. […]