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Bubbling mud is cool; the volcanic beach – not so much

So Leon is situated on the Los Maribios volcanic chain. In the small village of San Jacinto, only 20 minutes away, there is bubbling mud. Only 20 minutes to the other direction is the beach on the Pacific coast. Put them together and it’s a full day excursion..

Tulum – way over-rated…

Finding a place to sleep in Tulum near the beach was not easy. Everything is really expensive, and the rooms are not that nice…. They are on the beach, though. We ended up staying at a place that was ok, although the cabins were quite louzy. It was very expensive, too! Seems like the more […]

Isla Mujeres – the ladies’ island…

We had high expctations from Isla Mujeres, after Cancun. It’s a nice island, only 7 km long, with an impressive collection of restaraunts and small shops at the centeral area. At first, it doesn’t strike as all that interesting. The good places along the shore are expensive (not Cancun-style expensive, but still – 600 pesos), […]

Galveston day trip

We drove to Galveston for a day to get a way from crowded Houston. Galveston is an hour’s drive from Houston, and it’s an island city. We left sometime late in the morning, and got there right on time for lunch with lovely Katie and John from CS. They took us to a great little […]