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Sansepolcro, Italy

We got Lazy. This post is pictures only… click on the images to see a bigger view, then use the arrows to browse the pictures

Adi’s Bat Mitzwa greeting movie

This time, we are in Germany, we could not attend the Bat-Mitzwa party… so we made a short clip.

Cyprus – goodbye sunshine

A cheap deal, and a few last days of warm winter weather, before cold Frankfurt. Cyprus is great; kinda the same as Israel, only in Greek (we only stayed on the Greek side this time – the republic of Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will wait for our next visit..).  Warm people, great […]

Hrvatska 2010 – Hajde Bok!

Croatia 2008 was such a success, we knew we’d go back as soon as possible; that was now. It was just as beautiful as last time, and thanks to good friends, good food, good weather – we had an amazing vacation. This time around we focused on Dalmacija, and spent our entire time on island […]

Protected: Welcome Rani

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Goodbye party at TLV

On 23 January 2009 we had a Goodbye party at a Tel-Aviv club/bar – the Sublime. It was a Friday afternoon, and we had an impressive lineup – HaIvrit, Sayara-Tyara, HaLokusiot, Eliya Guetta and HaSukariot. These bands are all Itai’s friends. Photographs by Igor and Rani

The dog and cat fight story

This story is in Hebrew. סיפור ששמעתי במקור מיעל שעבדה בוויבס. הוקלט על ידי ז’נז’ בפלאפון.

The Shave

bye bye hair… The shave from itai barami on Vimeo.