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“Lehavot Habalkan” – Playing on the street

We finally went playing on the street – Sheinkin st., Tel Aviv. Yaniv cajón       |        Itai accordion       |       Elad bouzouki      |        Ohad guitar It was a great fun and we are going to do it again for sure. We […]

Up in the green north

Springs trip up north from itai barami on Vimeo. A few weeks ago we went up north with our friend Tomer to visit Liat and Ran, our good friends, who moved to Hanita, way up in the north of Israel – Western Galillee. Hanita is located right on the border with Lebanon, and not far […]


So we returned home, and are back in the south of Israel. We left DC a day before the biggest snow storm in years began, and found in Israel exhausting heat in the middle of “winter”. It was quite a change… But the rains from a few days before left amazing dirt formations in the […]