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Some final arrangements in DC before leaving…

Here are some pics we have from our last month in DC. We spent as much time as we could walking around, enjoying everything DC has to offer.

Don Pedro is gone :(

Don Pedro is out of the garage and in to the possession of the new owner. Farewell our beloved car…

Snowed in!

This weekend storm broke all records for December snowfall! Flights were canceled, the Metro lines were only running underground, and shopping was suspended (on the weekend before Christmas!). It was snowing all night Friday and all day Saturday, but Sunday (today) is sunny and bright. Too bright! More snow action on a white-white Sunday

Happy Hanukkah!!!!

We had a busy Hanukkah: made sufganiyot, got a great Hanukkah Menorah, had a few candle lightings with good friends…

Karaoke delight

Oren got us all singing in public… We went karaoke-ing at a bar near Dupont. Well, Oren was… full of energy, as always. The crowd loved his act. Kristine is just not fair cause she’s a wonderful singer with a beautiful voice – it was embarrassing to go up after her!! But we did. It […]

First Snow!

One day, it just started snowing! It didn’t accumulate, but it was pretty… The next day we walked around Georgetown; it was a sunny day but soooooo cold. Georgetown is so beautiful with the Christmas decorations and a huge tree. Kristine also has a big (real!) tree in her house – so beautiful. At the […]

Shadows (in some memorial I forgot the name of it – they all look the same)

“Somethin’ tells me it’s all happening at the zoo”

Rock Creek Park goes from right near our apartment, all the way to the back entrance of the zoo. The zoo is part of the Smithsonian, so it’s free. Surprisingly, even though the sun was out and shining, most animals preferred to stay inside. Still, it was a fun visit and the ride through Rock […]

Another sunny Sunday – Great Falls, MD style

Still sunny! Since our vehicle pass to Great Falls was good for three days, we decided to enjoy another sunny day outside, this time checking out the Falls from the Maryland side. Kristine had just returned from her Thanksgiving family gathering, so we brought here along to enjoy some sun. On the way we passed […]

Still sunny – bike ride to Jefferson Memorial

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is on the Tidal Basin of the Potomac river (that’s where the Cherry blossom in the spring!). Another sunny (cold) day on Thanksgiving weekend – we had to spend it outside.. Thomas Jefferson was an American Founding Father and the third president of the US. Jefferson was the primary author of […]