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A disappointing visit to Lago de Yojoa

After the Bird Park we drove straight to Lago de Yojoa. The drive to the lake was beautiful and uneventful, and we were given the names of two places worth staying at, so we even knew exactly where we were headed. Unfortunately, the place where we stayed was a huge disappointment, and with the lake […]

A pampering beginning to Honduras

We started the day early in Antigua, Guatemala, heading for the Hunduras border at El Florido, the closest spot to Copan – one of the famous Maya sites in Honduras. It wasn’t supposed to be too long of a drive to the border, but since most of such drives in Guatemala ended up being longer […]

The (other) Hebrew connection

Ok, so there are lots of Israelis in Guatemala, but they aren’t the only Hebrew connection here.. Since arriving at the western highlands, we keep seeing signs with stars of david and Hebrew words – shalom, bethel, elohim, shadday… We think that this is due to the advent of Evangelical chirstians in this area. In […]

Bird watching @ Macaw Mountain (it’s easy to spot the birds when they’re in cages..)

Just before we left nice and cozy Copan Ruinas, our most welcoming welcome to Honduras, we stopped at the Macaw Mountain Bird Park. The park is located in the hills just outside of Copan Ruinas, and has many colorful local birds in big cages. The animals are all rescue-birds, we were told, which is comforting.. […]

Xela (pronounced Shey-la) is only the easy version of the really-challenging name – Quetzaltenango…

We continued from Atitlan to another part of the western highlands – Quetzaltenango, also known as Xela. The town is beautifully situated between several volcnoes, and is a nice, welcoming place for tourists. But we had the good fortune of meeting and staying with Fernando and his family, which made the whole experience even better, […]

Lago de Atitlan

From Antigua we headed to Lago de Atitlan, one of the highlights of Guatemala (if not the main one). The lake had been described by Aldous Huxley as ‘the most beautiful lake in the world’ back in the 1930’s, and this sets some high expectations. I don’t know about ‘the most’, but the lake and […]

Pacaya – volcano challenge

From Antigua we took a tour to the Pacaya volcano. There are many volcanoes in Guatemala, and a few of them are around Antigua. Pacaya had been active since the 1970’s, and we went to climb it. Lava is soooo cool up close!

Antigua – the old capitol

From Coban we headed to Antigua, the old capitol of Guatemala, just outside of Guatemala City. To get to Antigua we had to pass through Guatemala City. We feared this, as we imagined Guatemala City to be a bustling place, with many vehicles and traffic, and the lack of decent road signs in Guatemala in […]

Coban – camping on a playground slide

We left Semuc Champey rather early in the morning, hoping to reach Antigua that day. On the way we saw a funny looking Volkswagen bus passing us, and we knew they were also travelers. Sure enough, John calls us on the walkie-talkie all excited, telling us that these are their friends from the time they […]

Semuc Champey – European scenery, with tropical humidity!

Semuc Champey is a place with crystal blue pools and a river, only 10 km from Lanquin. Well, we already know that 10 km takes a looong time on the mountain road. We arrived at Semuc Champey sometime in the afternoon; we took enough time for the ride there. A sign greeted us in three […]