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Laguna de Apoyo – where we got pocked with a bull’s dried penis..

 We said goodbye to Avi and Regina in Granada, knowing we’d return at least one more time on our way from our next destination (it’s on the way and Itai also borrowed a book from one of the cafes in Granada so we’d have to return it anyways..). We drove the short distance from Granada […]

Road trip to Boaco

Avi and Regina planned on going to Boaco for a couple of days. Avi has a Peace Corps. friend who is finishing his two-years service next week, and since he’d not been to Boaco, they wanted to check it out while they still had someone to stay with. We asked if there was anything interesting […]

Hanging around Granada with a Peace Corps. volunteer

From Leon we drove to Managua, the capital, and spent a night there. We kinda got bad vibes from Managua (not that anything is particularly was wrong) and didn’t even feel like wandering around there, so we ended up leaving the next day for Granada. Granada is the biggest tourist trap in Nicaragua, we’ve been […]

Bubbling mud is cool; the volcanic beach – not so much

So Leon is situated on the Los Maribios volcanic chain. In the small village of San Jacinto, only 20 minutes away, there is bubbling mud. Only 20 minutes to the other direction is the beach on the Pacific coast. Put them together and it’s a full day excursion..

Leon and Nicaraguan politics, and one lazy turtle

From the border we drove to Leon, stopping on the way only to eat at Esteli, which wasn’t inviting enough for us to want to stay there.. Leon is a very nice colonial city. It was founded by Spanish conquistador Cordoba (that’s also the name of the Nicaraguan currency) in 1524, although it was originally […]

Nicaragua seems troubled over the situation in Honduras

After spending a night at Danli near the Honduras-Nicaraguan border, we woke up early in the morning and headed towards Nicaragua, away from all the political and social mess in Honduras. We arrived at the border pretty fast, and cleared the Honduran side in less than 10 minutes (and an exit fee we’re not sure […]

Adventure follows.. The Honduran coup and us

So we’re having a little social unrest around here… Yeah, where we go, adventure and excitement follow (swine flu in Mexico, earthquake in Belize.. why not a coup in Honduras?).

Charging up on some Caribbean atmosphere

Itai is taking his diving course on Utila, one of the Bay Islands on the Honduran Caribbean coast. Since I am not planning on diving (explanations inside), we found a school that could offer me a relaxing surrounding for the 4 days Itai will be studying. This school is Captain Morgan’s; they run the course […]

Maya’s movie – behind the scenes and an English subtitled version

So, now’s the time to reveal all that went on behind the scenes of the movie for Maya’s Bat Mitzva. The clip with English subtitles:

Maya’s Bat Mitzva movie – Happy birthday!

Maya’s Movie   Soon coming –  English subtitles.