Cyprus – goodbye sunshine

A cheap deal, and a few last days of warm winter weather, before cold Frankfurt.

Cyprus is great; kinda the same as Israel, only in Greek (we only stayed on the Greek side this time – the republic of Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will wait for our next visit..).  Warm people, great food, lots of cats and gorgeous landscapes.  We went from sunny beaches to snowy mountains in an hour’s drive!

The image of Cyprus in a Pommes – a revelation:

Larnaca – a little bit of rain for the atmosphere:

(never ask for “Turkish coffee” in the Greek side of Cyprus…)

Temple of Apollo, Hylates (Kourion region), on the way to Paphos from Limassol (Lemesos):

The Cyprus claimed birth place of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality (the Greek version of the Roman Venus):

Petra tou Romiou (the Rock of the Greek) is the spot considered her birthplace, near Paphos.

Aphrodite rose from the foam of the sea, and floated on a shell. Wikipedia has some details on the full (Greek-mythology-typically gruesome) story, and it is also the source for the famous Botticelli painting from 1485, The Birth of Venus.

Paphos – House of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine (aka by the Romans as Bacchus):

Troodos mountains – sleepy mountain villages and some snow:

The highest mountain in this range is nearly 2,000 km high. The Cypriots boast that in winter there is a choice between water-skiing on the beaches and snow-skiing in the mountains. We only saw snow-traces but it was exciting enough..

Kykkos Monestary:

Cyprus is cat-island:


  1. I faithfully follow your adventures, great pictures !!!!

  2. You look beautiful in these pics, Aviv. Itai, you’re a goof. Miss you both- keep adventuring and posting PLEASE

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