Up in the green north

Springs trip up north from itai barami on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago we went up north with our friend Tomer to visit Liat and Ran, our good friends, who moved to Hanita, way up in the north of Israel – Western Galillee. Hanita is located right on the border with Lebanon, and not far from the Mediterranean; it’s a beautiful place.

While we were there, we went for a short trip in the area.

We camped out at Yiron; there’s a strange waterhole and lovely camp / chill out area near it, with lots of shade, surrounded by grape vines. Liat and Ran’s specialty is a poike dinner at the campfire – they always get it perfect. This one was as good as it gets – lots of vegetables, some meat, honey and wine for the sauce, and hours in the fire.

While the poike was cooking, the boys ventured into the waterhole – it was a concrete cube with water almost filling it up completely, and one little hole to fit in through at the top (as seen above in the second part of the clip). Cool water and a great view..

The next morning after a great breakfast and another dip in the waterhole, we trekked through Wadi Aviv and from there to Wadi Dishon. It was a very hot day, but not too many people around which was nice. The Wadis are beautiful – all dried and yellowish at the end of the summer. Within a few months and a bit of rain (not too much…) this whole area will turn greener.

At the end of the trail we looked for another water hole, at Dishon. Again, it was surprising and strange.. Took a while to find, as well.. It’s a ladder going underground about two meters, and then we crawled about a meter and a half into an underground chamber full of icy-cold water.  Very refreshing, after the hot day and the walk, but so cold that it was a bit shocking (didn’t take more than 30 seconds for my lips to turn completely blue). A fine way to end the day!

Before we said goodbye to Liat and Ran and began our way back south, we went for some local knafeh – a Palestinian specialty sweet, which originates from Nablus. Kanfeh is made of soft goat cheese and kadaif noodles, flooded with sugar syrup and a bit of rose water (the whole thing is usually colored bright orange but not always). The pan is cooked on a special stove, and when served warm and fresh, it is amazing.

The one we had was sooooooo good; I think it was the best I’d had, Itai still thinks the one we had in Nazareth is better. Either way, it was wonderful.

It is nice to be back home  🙂

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  1. Having a great time ???? I was surprised to see the Sabres, (Tunas in Mexico) are they as sweet as ours ????? Do you know that the leaves of the cactus are very good cooked, in a salad or a chile sauce ??? The Japanese are importing them to treat Diabetes.

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