Hrvatska 2010 – Hajde Bok!

Croatia 2008 was such a success, we knew we’d go back as soon as possible; that was now.

It was just as beautiful as last time, and thanks to good friends, good food, good weather – we had an amazing vacation.

This time around we focused on Dalmacija, and spent our entire time on island Hvar. We drove directly to Split and had lunch with Niksa, and from there hopped on a ferry to Hvar island. We met Marta in Vrboska, and stayed with her for the duration of our visit.

Sveti (saint) Nikolai is the highest little mountain on Hvar. We hiked up one day; the view was amazing! (elevation 620m; 15 km round trip)

Josipa and Jurica, our friends from Jelsa, opened a restaurant called “Me and Mrs. Jones”. It’s right on the waterfront in Jelsa; great location, great food, great hosts.

In a campsite not far from Jelsa we visited some of Marta’s friends from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Marta majors in drawing, and some of the sculpting majors were on the island at a workshop, constructing a mosaic for a local church.

Last time we were on Hvar, we found an amazing hidden beach. It took a while, but we found it again. It was just as amazing… Now we know its name – Zarace (near Hvar city, on the south-western coast of the island).

Itai and Marta climed up to Purkin Kuk, a hill overlooking Stari Grad.

Niksa came out to the island just a couple of days before we left, so we had a chance to spend some more time with him as well.

On our way back, we met with Ana, our magnificent friend from Zagreb. We only had a few hours with her and Ksaver, but it was great fun, as always. We met Ana’s family; it is easy to see how she turned out to be so cool  🙂


  1. As if it wasn’t enough to lose you to the “Other Woman”,
    now I have to watch you two together… 🙂

    Great pictures! keep having a blast…

    Shana Tova,

  2. There is Milka also in croatia?!?!

    Now you don’t have any reason to come back

  3. The pictures are fantastic. I am so glad you had such a fun time. Love, Julie

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