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Another sunny Sunday – Great Falls, MD style

Still sunny! Since our vehicle pass to Great Falls was good for three days, we decided to enjoy another sunny day outside, this time checking out the Falls from the Maryland side. Kristine had just returned from her Thanksgiving family gathering, so we brought here along to enjoy some sun. On the way we passed […]

Still sunny – bike ride to Jefferson Memorial

The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is on the Tidal Basin of the Potomac river (that’s where the Cherry blossom in the spring!). Another sunny (cold) day on Thanksgiving weekend – we had to spend it outside.. Thomas Jefferson was an American Founding Father and the third president of the US. Jefferson was the primary author of […]

No pictures Thanksgiving and Great Falls excursion

We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with Mary-Jeanne and Nick and their family. We had a great time and delicious food, but with all the excitement, forgot to take any pictures!! So I’ll try to give you some idea of what went on at the Frederick farm: mashed sweet potatoes, mashed pumpkins, apples stuffing, cranberry jello, […]


It’s a combination of two things – Itai is cooking like crazy and getting better at it with every meal, and I’m LOVING the new little camera (thanks mom and dad!). So here are some more pictures of the yummi things we eat.

Massachusetts Ave Embassy Row bike tour

The Embassy Row in Mass Ave is where many embassies and other diplomatic offices are housed in DC. The beautiful houses were converted into embassies when after the Great Depression many millionaires from the Millionaires’ Row were forced to relinquish their homes. Millionaire Row became Embassy Row, and it looks like a million dollars… We […]

Eastern Market sunny Sunday and mirror magic

After a very rainy week, which included a cold for us both, the sun came out on Sunday. It was sunny and warm – who can believe it’s mid-November? We went to the Eastern Market, a flea market not far from the Capitol. It’s a fancy flea market, in a schoolyard, and prices were higher […]

the things we eat

People are constantly surprised that we don’t eat out; not at restaurants, but also not at fast food places. What some people don’t know, is what we eat at home. Itai is perfecting his cooking skills, and between Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and a fairly well-equipped kitchen, he makes the best food in DC. […]

Felíz cumpleaños, Adrian!

Adrian, my good friend from school, celebrated his birthday. Adrian is an Argentinian Jew, which is similar to the Mexican Jews, but without the funny-sounding name (Mexican Juice..). He speaks Hebrew, so – יומולדת שמח!!!

Hummus with Abu-Vivian

The day before my parents returned to Vienna we made Hummus, and invited also Julie, Daniel and Mary-Jeanne and Nick. Itai, as usuall, went all out with different types of Hummus, tahini and a killer burgul salad (and you can’t imagine how hard it is to get burgul around here..). It was delicious, and a […]

Visit to my grandparents’ pictures at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum

The day before, my parents and us all went to the Holocaust Museum to visit our family pictures there. The museum is very thoughtfully constructed, but the Tower of Pictures has special significance for us.