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Lunch at the Carrera’s farm house

Mary-Jeanne and Nick invited a bunch of friends to their farm house in Frederick for lunch. The house is gorgeous, a real historical house with a great feeling of… history. It is packed full with wonderful artifacts and suveniers from all over the world (and one very special Pictorial Webster…). We had a lovely lunch […]

What is there to do in the fall? FOLIAGE!

We had a few hours with nothing specific scheduled, so we drove out to see the foliage. Man oh man, it’s something else. It’s actually very beautiful right here, around us – every tree, every bush. But we went to see a little bit of the Blue Ridge Skyline Drive. And it was a good […]

They’re here! They’re here! A very special parental visit from Vienna

My mom and dad are here visiting us. They are staying at Julie’s, the best hotel in town, and we are spending as much time together as we can. The weather is so great, we go up to the roof of our building every chance we get. It’s so great to have them here!!

Pumpkin Carving Party!!

Kristine and her roommates, Courtney and Sara, had a pumpkin carving party, to get everyone into the spirit of fall, halloween and Sara’s brithday. This was our first ever pumpkin carving. I loved it! And our pumpkin came out nice and spooky… Since there are no kids where we live, there will probably be no […]

Equality Across America Comes to DC – and Itai is on the march!

On 11 October 2009, 200,000 (!) people marched on Washington, demanding equality – “equal protection for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in all matters governed by civil law in all 50 states. Now“. The march called on Obama to live up to his campaign promises and address gay rights and put forward such pressing […]

Infected Concert in NY, and a 3-hour ride from Manhattan to Staten Island at 3am

Kenneth, Itai’s friend from Waves, lives in Boston now with his family. His dull computer programming life is only a front for his real occupation – an underground programmer of iPhone games. One of these games got him a few free VIP tickets to an Infected Mushroom concert in Manhattan and he invited us. Ok, […]