Panama – Panama city, Boquete and finnaly San Blas islands

some pictures to summarize the Panama experience.

first we got to David and Boquete:

We didn’t find a lot to do there in compare to Costa Rica and we felt a bit lost after the attractions that jumps on you everywhere in Costa Rica. so we treated ourselves with a comfort hotel with a pool on the way to Panama city

We got into Panama city just for the “3 o’clock rain” that was fearsome and we couldn’t see a thing.

After two days in Panama city and a lot of orgenizing we made a great decision and went to the San Blas islands.

We drove there ourself and that was an experience by itself, soon I will post a detailed guide about how to drive there.

here is a taste of paradise:

First we got to Sanidup island, even that we asked for Robinzon (it was probably full). At the end we all were very happy to end up there, we met cool travelers and we all stick together there for 5 days (instead of the planned 3 nights) and we even went to the same hotel afterwards in Panama city.

From Sanidup we took a boat to the dog island – a site for snorkeling and sweeming, it was the best beach in San Blas that we have seen. We also went to the more far Holand cays but dog island was much better.

On another day we visited the island-village of Carti for a traditional 15 birthday. that was interesting but the local alcohol tasted like something rotten. no pics from the ceremony -we were asked not to take pictures. I will just say that the Kuna costums were great and all the men and woman there were really drunk.

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