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Canopying in Monteverde

Well, if you are in Costa Rica you must do at least one canopy tour (AKA zip lines). we did ours in monteverde and it was pure adrenalin.

Monteverde reserve

We got to Monteverde and called George. It happen to be that he had a spare room for us and we went to his place. we got a small lesson about economics and silver trading. The next day we had a breakfast with George and went to a guided tour in the Monteverde reserve. We […]

Arenal with dad and Inbal

My dad and sister had finaly arrived to Alajuela airport in Costa Rica after a 6 hours delay. I picked them up from the airport and took them to a nice comfy hotel in Alajuela. The next morning we had to Arenal via San Ramon. The drive was spartacular and they were amazed by the […]

Costa Rica – would you like that in dollars?

Aviv left back to Israel and I am waiting for my father and sister that will join me in 3 days. Meanwhile, I went on a trip to nicoya penynsula with Mario and Philip. On the way I managed to get a speeding ticket. Aviv wasn’t there to smile and buy the cops heart.

Ometepe – two volcanoes, one island, surrounded by sweet water. What more could we ask for?

 We returned from Apoyo back to Avi’s in Granada for another night, so that we could catch the earliest morning ferry from San Jorge to Ometepe, the volcano island in Lago Nicaragua. Ometepe, despite welcoming us with some of the rainiest weather we’d seen, is amazingly beautiful, and we enjoyed spending our last days in […]

Laguna de Apoyo – where we got pocked with a bull’s dried penis..

 We said goodbye to Avi and Regina in Granada, knowing we’d return at least one more time on our way from our next destination (it’s on the way and Itai also borrowed a book from one of the cafes in Granada so we’d have to return it anyways..). We drove the short distance from Granada […]

Road trip to Boaco

Avi and Regina planned on going to Boaco for a couple of days. Avi has a Peace Corps. friend who is finishing his two-years service next week, and since he’d not been to Boaco, they wanted to check it out while they still had someone to stay with. We asked if there was anything interesting […]

Hanging around Granada with a Peace Corps. volunteer

From Leon we drove to Managua, the capital, and spent a night there. We kinda got bad vibes from Managua (not that anything is particularly was wrong) and didn’t even feel like wandering around there, so we ended up leaving the next day for Granada. Granada is the biggest tourist trap in Nicaragua, we’ve been […]

Bubbling mud is cool; the volcanic beach – not so much

So Leon is situated on the Los Maribios volcanic chain. In the small village of San Jacinto, only 20 minutes away, there is bubbling mud. Only 20 minutes to the other direction is the beach on the Pacific coast. Put them together and it’s a full day excursion..

Leon and Nicaraguan politics, and one lazy turtle

From the border we drove to Leon, stopping on the way only to eat at Esteli, which wasn’t inviting enough for us to want to stay there.. Leon is a very nice colonial city. It was founded by Spanish conquistador Cordoba (that’s also the name of the Nicaraguan currency) in 1524, although it was originally […]