A disappointing visit to Lago de Yojoa

After the Bird Park we drove straight to Lago de Yojoa. The drive to the lake was beautiful and uneventful, and we were given the names of two places worth staying at, so we even knew exactly where we were headed.
Unfortunately, the place where we stayed was a huge disappointment, and with the lake surrounded by marshes (no swimming..), we decided to move on the next day.

The way to the lake was amazing. The road was fairly good, and the views were beautiful. Everything is so green; the kind of bright green that hurts your eyes after a while…
We saw a huge advertisement sign on the way – Territorio Toyota. It really is – most vehicles here are Toyotas, and we blend right in with ours. Itai did a good job selecting our truck; we feel right at home, here at territorio Toyota..

At one point along the way, we were driving slowly behind a huge truck, with no chance of bypassing. In front of us was a pickup, and some young man were sitting in the back. So far, nothing too out of the ordinary, only these guys were sporting some super-serious automatic machine guns… It is very strange to see people (just people, not officials or soldiers or police) with such weapons, just driving around with a gigantic clip inserted…
Most people here in Central America, in the rural areas, walk around with machetes. That’s hard enough to get used to – young kids, adults; they’re all carrying huge machetes. They use them for everything, from crossing through jungles and forests to trimming lawns. But the machine guns… That’s much worse.

We got to the lake, but we didn’t have the astounding views of Lago de Atitlan in Guatemala, as we didn’t descend from higher up (and there are no impressive volcanoes, Itai says). The edges of the lake are marshes, and some huge mountains could be barely spotted on the other side of the lake.
We drove to hotel Agua Azul to look for a room, but the place wasn’t too impressive (reminded us of a really old Kibbutz guest house!), and we decided to continue to D&D Brewery, which we had heard and read much about. When we arrived, there was no end to our disappointment. The place is neglected, un-taken-care-of, uninviting.. The sun was already setting and we decided to stay the night anyways. We’ve spent nights in crappy little places before, but this was… really crappy. After my shower-experience, Itai preferred to wash himself in the nearby river..
In the common area near where our room was, I found two old guestbooks, from 2006 and 2007. Reading through them, it seems obvious that D&D’s really was something special at one time; people wrote of coming back a second and third time, and too many references were made to amazing blueberry pancakes breakfasts. It seemed unreal that we were staying at the same place they wrote about! Someone must have really invested a lot of soul into this place at one time, but that someone doesn’t seem to be there anymore. That someone will surely be disappointed to see what became of the place… We were disappointed that there were no blueberry pancakes!

The next morning we walked to a place called “the blue hole” – there was a map drawn on a container outside our room, and it seemed like a good idea at the time.
The walk wasn’t too long, and the heat was even bearable (for the first part of the walk, at least). We crossed through someone’s land and asked how to get to the “poso azul”. He gave us directions, but it would have been impossible for us to find it if this man’s two young children hadn’t come along with us (for a small tip at the end, of course).
We walked through coffee plantations, which gave out a splendid, magical smell (and I don’t even drink coffee), and then up and down a steep little ridge, before coming to a tiny marsh.. The blue hole.. It is indeed blue-ish. The mosquitoes were eating at me shamelessly, not caring at all that I had sprayed my expensive (ecological!) mosquito repellent just minutes before. I was freaking out by them, and we walked back in the heat (which was no longer bearable..), disappointed of our whole stay at D&D.

That morning walk, along with the disappointment from the night, was enough for us, and we decided to continue on towards the Caribbean coast. Itai is planning on taking a diving course on one of the bay islands, and that’ll mean staying there for a while, and we might as well get to it. Besides, our Caribbean tan is almost completely faded, and it’s time to soak up some clear blue water, surrounded by fish and crabs… To the Caribbean coast we go.

Oh, just one last stop before the coast..
After the walk in the morning, we really needed a shower. But the shower at the D&D wasn’t at all inviting, so we went to shower at Pulhapanzak falls, which is right on our way to the Caribbean coast.
These are 43 meters high falls, with some pools for swimming at the top of them (can’t get too close to the edge there…). The cold, fresh water was a nice break from the heat of the day, and we were soon on our way to the coast.

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