Bird watching @ Macaw Mountain (it’s easy to spot the birds when they’re in cages..)

Just before we left nice and cozy Copan Ruinas, our most welcoming welcome to Honduras, we stopped at the Macaw Mountain Bird Park.
The park is located in the hills just outside of Copan Ruinas, and has many colorful local birds in big cages. The animals are all rescue-birds, we were told, which is comforting..
But still, it was a bit disappointing that the birds were all in cages, and considering there weren’t THAT many birds, entrance was very expensive (10$US per person!). However, we got to see birds up close, and otherwise we couldn’t have.

We saw different kinds of Macaws, the huge and colorful parrots that greeted us at the Copan archeological site, and different kinds of Tucans, as well as other birds native to Central America. There is one place in the park where there are some free huge Macaws and we held them. Ok, they were placed on us and I was too scared to move…

All in all, the visit was nice, even if short and expensive. It surely doesn’t compare to meeting these birds in their natural surrounding, but that might require long and strenous trips to the cloud forests, which I’m not too into…

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