Semuc Champey – European scenery, with tropical humidity!

Semuc Champey is a place with crystal blue pools and a river, only 10 km from Lanquin. Well, we already know that 10 km takes a looong time on the mountain road. We arrived at Semuc Champey sometime in the afternoon; we took enough time for the ride there. A sign greeted us in three languages:
bruchim habaim (welcome in Hebrew)

Yep, Guatemala is full of Israelis.

It was quite hot in Semuc Champey, but the next day we found out that the place really does, as the guidebook says, resemble the Alps. Actually, we knew exactly what it looks like – Plitvice in Croatia and Agua Azul in Mexico! Oh, we’ve seen so many beautiful places…

Camping at night in Semuc was nice but a little rustic. There are toilets but no showers, and there isn’t anywhere designated to put the tent. There were SO many mosquitoes and biting ants (the mean kind!)… It was a warm night, but I soon covered myself head-to-tow, including socks and everything..
We set up camp under the trees, expecting that it might rain. Sure enough, it rained in the middle of the night, but our tent survived it and we only got wet from the humidity that formed inside.

The next morning, as we sun-dried everything, Cristano appeared! He really did come..
We took him as our “guide” on a hike to see the pools from the top of the mountain. It was a short but steep 30-minutes climb to the mirador (view-point), and the sight from the top was worth it. The pools are connected by little waterfalls, and the water is pure blue-torquiz.

It looks just like Plitvice in Croatia, or Agua Azul in Mexico (spot between the pictures the ones from Plitvice and Mexico); try to spot the differences –

The jungle is so hot and humid, and after the hike up to the mirador and back again, we couldn’t wait to jump into the pools.
We had a little picnic with Crisanto, and then he left to catch his bus back to Lanquin. We walked back to our camp along the river, and we stayed there another night. It rained again…

[IMG-pics – courtesy of the Kindras]

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