Bullet Tree and Parrot Nest – the coolest place in Belize

From Barton Creek we drove to San Ignacio, hoping to find Marcus with whom Itai had spoken a few days ago. We got there (yet another small and relaxed village-town) and had a nice lunch at Han-Nah’s, which we had heard much about.

Since we hadn’t been able to reach Marcus, we decided to go to an internet place we saw on the way. Right next to it was a strange looking pick-up truck from Colorado, and Itai was interested in its set-up. Where the pick-up part is there’s a big camper, that looks like a little home. He started talking to the guy, John, only to find out that he and his girlfriend Kindra were also staying with Marcus! Small world (or very small Belize…).
After talking with John and Kindra we realized that we had been doing a very similar route over almost the same period of time. Amazing that we hadn’t met before!
The coolest thing about John and Kindra’s camper, besides that it functions as a home, is that it runs on used vegetable oil. Seriously – John collects vegetable oil from restaurants, which are usually happy to have someone get rid of it for them, and fuels that truck with it! How ecological and economical is that?!?

Kindra and John took us with them to the Parrot Nest, Marcus and Theo’s place, which is in the little town of Bullet Creek, just outside San Ignacio.
The Nest is a guest house that offers creek-side cabins and cool breezes (finally, air!). It’s a lovely little family place, and Marcus, Theo and the girls, Chloe and Katia, are amazing and welcoming.
We camped on the grass, just behind the family’s house, and we had such a great time with the family and the Kindras (John and Kindra and their little dog Wallace, from the Vegi-mobile), that we ended up hanging around for a few days. Every night, in our tent, we could look at the stary-sky and we’d see many fire-flies all around.

We went to visit the market at San Ignacio, which was very nice. We saw some Mennonites again, selling produce, and we bought many fresh vegetables and fruits.
After the market, in the exhausting heat, we tubed down stream from the Nest with the Kindras, and walked back to the Nest; it was a nice and relaxing river ride, but the coolest thing was that we saw huge lizards, the biggest we’ve seen yet, on the river banks. They were enormous, and we got a chance to see them as they were climbing the trees to get away from the dogs..

The next day we used Theo’s front lawn as a hair salon. John shaved off Marcus’ beard, and I gave Itai a haircut + shave.
It was funny and everyone around stopped to see what we were doing.

MOVIES WILL BE ADDED SOON!! Stay tuned for more..

Later we all drove to Big Rock falls. We were seven – joined by Marcus, Theo and Chloe, and the Kindras with Wallace, of course.
Marcus immediately declared that with seven people there is no need for two vehicles! We all crammed into our truck, with Chloe sitting in the back (we cleared it from out luggage) and the two other couples squishing in the back seat. After a while they decided it was a little too crowded over there, and John rode the railing of the truck from the outside. Marcus thought it was cool and joined him on the other side…

(pics courtesy of the Kindras’ waterproof camera)

After parking the car we had to walk down to the river and where the falls were, and it just began to rain a little, so the road was slippery. But the falls were nice and cool, and we had a little picnic by them. Marcus showed no fear and jumped from the highest cliffs around the waterfalls..
On the way back we stopped to eat the most yummy soy ice-cream in San Ignacio

One evening we made a hummus dinner for everyone. We found dried chick-peas in Mexico, but had some trouble finding good tahini. When we asked Theo she immediately knew where we could find some, and it was indeed tahini like back home!
The hummus was great, and was accompanied by an Arab salad. Itai prepared different hummus plates – one with fried onions, one with parsley… Theo and I even made little pitas to go along with it and we had a great evening.

In the mornings while we were at the Parrot Nest, Itai, Marcus and the Kindras practiced some yoga on the lawn just near the river.

Cayo district is indeed one of the most beautiful places in Belize (check out Marcus’ Best of Cayo webpage! ).
But the real treat was spending time at Marcus and Theo’s place – we enjoyed it so much and feel lucky to have met them. After a few days we said goodbye to everyone, and also to Belize. We are continuing to Guatemala with Kindra and John, in our own little convoy..

Belize is one of the most interesting and beautiful places we’ve ever been to – the people are kind and welcoming and laid-back and the sights are breathtaking.
There is such an interesting cultural mix in Belize, with so many different “kinds” of people (check out the flag!), and different heritages and colors and foods. It’s truly fascinating, and we’re so happy we didn’t skip this little tiny land, as it offered so many different experiences.
Now we are returning to the Spanish-speaking countries of Central America, starting with the north part of Guatemala. We need to get used to struggling with our Spanish again…
Adios, Belize; Beinvenidos Guatemala!

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