Chetumal and back to Bacalar..

We got to Chetumal and after visiting a few garages for some minor car repairs, we met up with Irina, our host. When we only got to her place, she appologized and told us she had to teach a Salsa class soon, but invited us to join. It was sooo hot (Chetumal is hot and humid, and there are no refreshing Caribbean breezes!), but the class was great fun. As Itai was the only guy there, he had the pleasure of dancing with all the ladies, including the nice old Seniora who was the only real student… So now we know the real basic Salsa moves, and we should practice..
Chetumal is not too big, and has nothing special to offer in particularly. It was raining seriously that night, and Itai thought it was the perfect opportunity to wash the car after all the unpaved driving in the rural parts of the Caribbean coast…
Irina took us to eat at a wonderful little local restaurant that evening, and we had a nice goodbye toast, as tomorrow morning the girls are leaving and we’d be leaving Mexico soon as well.
We spent the next couple of days arranging insurance for Central America and some other formalities, looking forward to crossing over into Belize. As we had some free time and it was so hot, we went to see a movie in the cinema, which is always a fun experience. With some more free time on our hands waiting for the insurance, we drove back to the cenote and Laguna Bacalar, where we got an email informing us that the insurance is ready and we can cross to Belize. We were there the following day…

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