Tulum – way over-rated…

Finding a place to sleep in Tulum near the beach was not easy. Everything is really expensive, and the rooms are not that nice…. They are on the beach, though.
We ended up staying at a place that was ok, although the cabins were quite louzy. It was very expensive, too! Seems like the more south we head, the less nice the beaches are, and the more expensive the rooms are!

The beach was ok, but again – nothing much. It looks nicer than it is to swim there.

Our conclusion regarding the Caribbean coast in Mexico is that Isla Mujeres is the best, but only because we were lucky and it was empty… It’s all about timing.

We hadn’t slept very well that one night in Tulum on account of some kind of animal making horrible noises right outside our cabin…
We got up very early and went to see the famous Tulum ruins.
The site is very small, and none of the buildings are accessible. Everything is neatly sterile (or stearily neat), and the best thing to say about the place is that the setting is amazing. Some of the buildings are right on a clif, overlooking the beautiful beaches (they look nicer from up here, that’s for sure).
One of the explanatory signs on site said that the first Spaniard to sail near Tulum thought it reminded him of Seville.

Tulum was one of the important Mayan port cities, on the trade route around the Ycatan peninsula and running all the way to Honduras. The city was surrounded with a great, thick wall, which is still there.
It is interesting that Tulum in the acient Maya language is the word for wall, which makes sense. However, the people who actually lived in Tulum knew it by a different name; the name Tulum was given by excavationists sometime early in the 20th (!!) century..
In the middle of the 19th century, there was a war in Mexico called the War of the Castes, when the indeginous people fought for equality and justice (which they still don’t have). The ruins in Tulum was one of the places where some of these people tok refuge at. It is strange how the descendants of this enourmous and advanced civilazation, that built a place like this so many centuries ago, had to hide in them from the injustices they suffered…

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