Playa Del Carmen – not what we were looking for…

Our next stop, after the wonderful Isla, was Playa del Carmen, better known as Playa.
We’ve been told that after Cancun over-exploaded with tourists and especially folks from the United States and all inclusive deals at the fancy hotels and mega-ight-clubs, tourists strated heading to Playa for a more tranquile Caribbean experience. It used to be that Playa was a more Europpean destination, but now it’s the fastest growing city in the world (so the book says).
Well, the city feels very small, since there’s not much interest in anything too far from the beach. There are a few streets near the beach, quite fancy. 5th Avenue is pedestrians only, and offeres many expensive restaurants and stores. One scoop of a Haggen Daaz ice-cream goes for 80 pesos, which is the cost of a not-so-inexpensive whole meal….

We were lucky to find an awasome hotel, with a cool swimming pool (the deepest point in it is 4.80 meters!). However, the beach was a little disappointing – it’s quite crowded, although accessible (unlike Cancun…), and the sea looks nice but it’s nothing special.
Walking around at night on 5th Avenue was nice, but everytime we went back to our little kitchen and self-made meals, as this is the cheapest way to go around here…

So – no pictures from here…

Playa, although nice, isn’t the beach we are looking for, but we have high hopes for Tulum, and that’s our next stop.

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