Isla Mujeres – the ladies’ island…

We had high expctations from Isla Mujeres, after Cancun.
It’s a nice island, only 7 km long, with an impressive collection of restaraunts and small shops at the centeral area.
At first, it doesn’t strike as all that interesting. The good places along the shore are expensive (not Cancun-style expensive, but still – 600 pesos), and although it’s obviously not a party-hard island, it is very touristy.
All the doubts went away when we had a chance to go to the beach, and we found out what Caribbean vacationing really means. Maybe we have to scimp a little on food and lodging on account of them being more expensive.there is also the additional 600 peso we spent on a ferry round trip with the car (it would have been 400 peso, but our car, Don Pedro, is longer than 4 meters). But the sea is worth it, and we’re not even the avarage beach-bums who sit around the beach all day, not at all.
The water is so crystal clear and calm like a pool. It’s not too cold, but outside is not too hot, so it’s ok. The sand is soft and bright, and it is just perfect. Granted, hiring a beach-bed and umbrella for shade (the simplest kind!) costs almost as much as our room, but it is totally possible to find a palm tree with just enough shade to hang out underneath.
Now we are hoping that we will find the same Caribbean tranquility somewhere on the main-land, where we won’t have to share all this with so many other people (who are willing to pay 150 pesos for an umbrella!).

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