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Puebla, Puebla

Driving out of DF, we saw long and endless lines of cars trying to get back in. This are all the people returning from Semana Santa vacations. It looks hellish; thank god we’re going the other direction. We spent the night at a surprising place. When we arrived with met up with Leandro and Hiram […]

Around DF with Robin and Diana – Xochimilco and Coyoacan

The floating gardens of Xochimilco offer busy little canals, and lots of snacking. Xochimilco is surprisingly pronounced “SOchimilco”. Diana and Robing took us to this southern suburb of DF. The name means “the place where flowers grow”. Mexico City used to be a lake many many centuries ago, and the area of Xochimilco was where […]

Teotihuacan – the place of the gods, just outside of Mexico City (and one conspiration theory regarding aliens)

Teotihuacan is very impressive, and the huge size of it is astounding. It is so amazing, that it seems unrealistic that it had been built so many centuries ago.

Happy Passover in DF with Estela and Isaac’s family

We had the honor of joining Estela and Isaac’s Passover dinner, the Seder. Their home is beautiful and their family is so welcoming. The Hagada reading was fabulous, as everybody participated at least a little bit, and was elegantly presided over by Estela and Isaac. It was a feminine version of the Hagada, which made […]

Mexico City – visiting Distrito Federal on “Semana Santa”

Mexico City, Distrito Federal. This place is HUGE!!!

Palmas Domingo at Morelia, Michoacan

Morelia is a beautiful city with grand colonial buildings, named after Morelos, one of the heros of Mexico’s independence from Spain. It’s aqueduct still dominates many parts of the city, and taxis’ logo uses the aqueduct as an M for Morelia (see picture).


Patzcuaro is yet another tiny little town, with colonial-style buildings and picturesque streets. We only had a few hours to explore it, as we planned on arriving to Morelia that evening, but we had just enough time to try the local speciality – Flor de Calvaza (the flowers of the pumpkin). I think cows eat […]

The Bosque- quiet day at the eco-friendly-forest

Literally, “bosque” mean “forest”. It’s a rather large piece of land near Lago de Patzcuaro (the lake of Patzcuaro), purchased by an American guy named Brian for the purpose of establishing a self-sufficient eco-village. There are volunteers who come to stay for however long they wish and help with the gardening and building and whatever […]

Uruapan, Michoacan, and I didn’t buy a guitar in Paracho

After a fews days at the beaches of the Pacific, we started heading back inland, to avoid the crowds swearming the beaches on Semana Santa (“Holy Week”, the local Easter). First stop is Uruapan, another village-city, with small buildings and a lovely park, and the smallest house in the world.