Agua Azul – where the water really is blue, and the tourists don’t stay for the night (only us!)

We arrived to Agua Azul in the afternoon, and saw many tourist buses getting ready to head back to Palenque or San Cristobal. There are here a number of wonderfully blue lakes, interconnected by little waterfalls. The water is light blue because of the minerally-white bottom. It looks very nice, but since only day-trips come here, there aren’t too many options for sleeping. The waterfalls and lakes are nice, and dotted with restaraunts and shops (all selling exactly the same), but the only two places that offer rooms were, well, not quite what we had hoped for. We really wanted to set up a tent, but were warned repeatedly that it is not advisable and that the danger of assault and robbery is high (my feeling always is that if you are warned this by someone offering a room, better take the room or he will arrange for a robbery… very pessimistic, I know…).
So we took a room downstream somewhere, and as it was already quite late, we only had a chance to dip in for a short while.
We met not far from our room Jacky and Anthony – two brothers from the US, who are riding their BICYCLES all the way from California. It’s been three months now, and they have about one more to make it to Cancun and fly home from there. I can’t imagine riding a bicycle at this heat and humidity and with all these mountains…
We made dinner with them and had a nice evening, and went to sleep hoping that the morning will soon come  🙂

And it did. And it was great fun! We had a chance to explore the lakes and waterfalls upstream before the masses of tourists on buses arrived. It is very nice and the water is cool and inviting. There’s nothing like fresh water for a swim in the heat!

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