Tonina ruins and a sad possom story…

We left San Cristobal, knowing full well that we will truly miss the cold weather.
Our next destination is Palenque, one of the famous jungle sites in Mexico. On the way, we stoped at Tonina to see the ruins, and after that planned on sleeping at Agua Azul, a popular destination for day-trips from Palenque-city.

The ruins at Tonina are amazing. There’s not too much to see, but everything is in quite good condition and there are several amazing bas-reliefs that are in pretty good condition as well (some in the museum and some at the ruins). We haven’t seen too many of those around…
After the museum there is a nice, 300-meters walk in the beautiful country to reach the ruins themselves. On the way, something high is visible – it looks like the tip of a pyramid (we’ll be standing there shortly). The site is very well maintained and the grass is trimed nicely so it is easy to see everything.

There is a small ball court and a HUGE pyramid that is supposedly 10 meters higher than the pyramid of the sun at Teotihuacan (oh, and that was such a long way up…). The pyramid is very imperssive and different from those we have previously seen. It is not a plain pyramid – there are many chambers and rooms and sanctuaries as you go up.
The bas-reliefs are beautiful, with complex sketches of deitis and people and decorations. The view from the very top is defenitely worth the climb up. There’s a soft breeze and the valley is beautiful.
On our way down, we stoped to rest and saw one of the workers on his way down, pulling on a piece of rope. It was a small animal he had caught – we think it is a possom. It was SO sad; he was pulling it aggressively and forcing it down. The animal at some point looked like it had died, lying on the floor motionless, but then when he tugged the rope it got up again, trying to pull away… (we saw in some kid’s animated movie that possoms play dead, I don’t know if that’s true but this guy sure did look like it was playing dead).
After drying my tears, we continued down, but soon enough we heard loud aggitated dog barks. The worker had the possom faced with a dog, who was annoyed by the possom and was constantly barking at him. Itai asked him what they were planning to do with the animal, and he said they will eat it. It was very sad….

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