The Pacafic Coast – State of Oaxaca

We stayed at Puerto Angel, Zipolite and Mazunte.

Puerto Angel is a tiny little town, with nothing too interesting to show for.
Zipolite is a nude beach, a bit overrated (we heard of it from many people as a very cool spot).
Mazunte is nice and the water is relatively calm (although me and Itai both lost our sun-glasses). There is a turtle recovery center which is nice but not too impressive.

From here we went to another beach where there is a swamp-like lagoon. We took a tour to see different birds and some crocodiles; it was very interesing.

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  1. i’m amazed of all the Mexican history you are telling !!!!!!
    I propose for you to work at the Turism Secretary of Nexico. The pictures and stories are GREAT.
    I still do not venture much on my blog, but we just came back from Alex Graduation in Ann Arbor Michigan, that gave me great pride to see my oldest grandson graduate from college.
    Saludos estela

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