Oaxaca – Monte Alban (not related to Dr.Alban)

On our way from Oaxaca city to the Oaxaca coast (pacific ocean beaches, here we come again…), we stopped at the Monte Alban ruins. This is the site of a confederate center, from the time of Teotihuacan (near Mexico City – link to post). There is a main plaza, and two main buildings to the north and south of it, possibly a palace and a public building of some sort.

There is an arrow-shaped structure which served as a military showcase, and 14 structures that might have each served a polity or ethnic group which had been part of the confederacy.
An important building is the ball court, which I don’t think we’ve seen anywhere as of yet. It is a small playing field with diagonal walls for retrieving the ball. The game was played as a means of settling disputes; which is a very interesting way of finding out what the gods want…
In some of the ruins there are bass-reliefs, and there is also a small museum on site, with artifacts excavated from the ruins.
Monte Alban was a confederate, which was mainly used by the Mixtec group. They fought against the Aztecs along with the Zapotecs of the Isthmus, which we will see later on while heading more south.

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