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Merida – the place where hammocks come from (ours too!)

In Merida we stayed with Ricardo (AKA Zzio) the hair dresser in a tiny village just outside Merida called Conkal. He was a great host even though he was pretty busy with work. We planned to stay for a night or two and ended up staying four nights in Merida. Merida is the best place […]

Palenque – pyramids in the jungle

After a few days alone with us and without Lulu around, Roten finally gave in and took a bus back to San Cristobal and from there to Guatemala, to meet with The Germans. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and don’t you be drinking any Hashish! So long and thanks for all the […]

Agua Azul – where the water really is blue, and the tourists don’t stay for the night (only us!)

We arrived to Agua Azul in the afternoon, and saw many tourist buses getting ready to head back to Palenque or San Cristobal. There are here a number of wonderfully blue lakes, interconnected by little waterfalls. The water is light blue because of the minerally-white bottom. It looks very nice, but since only day-trips come […]

Tonina ruins and a sad possom story…

We left San Cristobal, knowing full well that we will truly miss the cold weather. Our next destination is Palenque, one of the famous jungle sites in Mexico. On the way, we stoped at Tonina to see the ruins, and after that planned on sleeping at Agua Azul, a popular destination for day-trips from Palenque-city. […]

San Cristobal de las Casas – everyone’s talking about it, but what’s the secret ingredient?…

EVERYONE is talking about San Cristobal, how amazing it is, and how they all planned on staying just two or three days and ended up staying for a week or more… It’s a small little mountain town, with some nice buildings and a lot of restaraunts and bars and shops. It’s very nice, but we’ve […]

The hidden ruins of Guiengola

We left the coast and headed for the Isthmus. This is the narrowest point in Mexico, seperating the north and center from the Yucatan peninsula. There are ruins here of a very important mountain fortress, where the Zapotecs fought off the Aztects and prevented them from conquering the Isthmus. This is called Guiengola (literlly meaning […]

The Pacafic Coast – State of Oaxaca

We stayed at Puerto Angel, Zipolite and Mazunte. Puerto Angel is a tiny little town, with nothing too interesting to show for. Zipolite is a nude beach, a bit overrated (we heard of it from many people as a very cool spot). Mazunte is nice and the water is relatively calm (although me and Itai […]

Oaxaca – Monte Alban (not related to Dr.Alban)

On our way from Oaxaca city to the Oaxaca coast (pacific ocean beaches, here we come again…), we stopped at the Monte Alban ruins. This is the site of a confederate center, from the time of Teotihuacan (near Mexico City – link to post). There is a main plaza, and two main buildings to the […]

Around Oaxaca – Mitla, Hirve El Agua, El Tule

From Oaxaca we went on a one day excursion to Mitla. The name means “place of the dead”, and one past attraction was embracing the column of death (columns that were used to hold up the ceiling in the palace), and then measuring what cannot be reached with the fingers, in order to calculate how […]

Oaxaca (Wa-kha-ka)

The way from Puebla to Oaxaca was very beautiful. At one point we passed some trucks near the toll payment, and it took us a while to realized they were carrying circus animals. By that time we had already passed them, but after paying the toll we parked for a bathroom break and they stopped […]