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Playa Azul

Our last stop on the coast (for now) was Playa Azul (the blue beach). The road there was beautiful, as was the entire trip on the coast. The town itself was small and uninspiring, but it was just what we needed before heading back inland. We took a small room which came with a surprise […]

La llorona – La Manzanillera

We continued from La Ticla to another beach we heard much about. La Iiorona – it is called that (“crying”) because the sand supposedly squeeks when you walk on it. It took a while to find it (take the turn to El Faro and ask at the town..), but when we got there, we saw […]

Pacific Ocean – Here We Come!!

The Pacific Coast is beautiful, but the ocean is scary! The waves are huge, and the undercurrent is pretty strong. We’ve been to a few beaches, heading south from Manzanillo, on our way to Morelia and Mexico City (that’s the plan for now, at least). It was so suprising how different the beaches are from […]

No “jara” in Guadalajara

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico, and a very busy one. Down town all the streets are in the process of being renovated, in honor of the coming Latin American games in 2010.

אבחנה #1

הבחורות במקסיקו הן כמו אוכל תימני חלקן חמות כמו סחוג, השאר כמו ×’’חנון שחום ושמנוני


Zacatecas is a beautiful mining city, high in the mountains. It was founded when the largest silver mine in the area, San Pedro, was discovered. It’s very hilly, and walking around is quite tiring.

San Luis Potosi

We arrived at San Luis Potosi early in the afternoon, after about 7 hours on the road from Monterrey. We had a short time to wander in down town SLP, before we met with Adrian and his colleagues (they teach English at a private primary school).

מונטריי – הרים סביב לה

Monterrey is the third largest city in Mexico, and a very modern and industrialized one. It is situated in a valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains. We stayed four days with Leo and his family, and had a wonderful time with a personal tour guide, and real Mexican hospitality.

Problems Entering Mexico…

We finally crossed into Mexico, but ran into some problems crossing the border. Actually, the problem was that it was too easy! We just drove south, and there were no officials, American or Mexican, and no one asked for papers and permits and no one stamped our passport. We were pretty sure we were already […]

Hanging in Houston with Yaeli..

Rosie and Jerry, Einav and Roei’s friends and neighbors, invited us over for hamburgers. Yummiee….. Yaeli was the star of the evening, of course  🙂