Sansepolcro, Italy

We got Lazy. This post is pictures only…

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Adi’s Bat Mitzwa greeting movie

This time, we are in Germany, we could not attend the Bat-Mitzwa party… so we made a short clip.

Cyprus – goodbye sunshine

A cheap deal, and a few last days of warm winter weather, before cold Frankfurt.

Cyprus is great; kinda the same as Israel, only in Greek (we only stayed on the Greek side this time – the republic of Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will wait for our next visit..).  Warm people, great food, lots of cats and gorgeous landscapes.  We went from sunny beaches to snowy mountains in an hour’s drive!

The image of Cyprus in a Pommes – a revelation:

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“Lehavot Habalkan” – Playing on the street

We finally went playing on the street – Sheinkin st., Tel Aviv.

Yaniv cajón       |        Itai accordion       |       Elad bouzouki      |        Ohad guitar

It was a great fun and we are going to do it again for sure. We had some funny moments when people really flattered us about the music and rhythm, and one awkward moment in which the beggar that was begging on the same street just a couple of spots away from us, gave us a couple of coins. We looked at her amazed when she did that.

In one hour of playing we made around 100NIS, that we all decided to invest in gas money for Elad (he is coming with a car from another city) and also he tore a string in his bouzouki, so he had some expenses due to this gig. Oh, and most important – Ohad found us a name – “Lehavot Habalkan” – meaning flames of Balkan (plus, there is also a kibbutz with a similar name called “Lehavot Habashan”).

[photos by Maddie]

Here are some videos and photos from the gig:

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Up in the green north

Springs trip up north from itai barami on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago we went up north with our friend Tomer to visit Liat and Ran, our good friends, who moved to Hanita, way up in the north of Israel – Western Galillee. Hanita is located right on the border with Lebanon, and not far from the Mediterranean; it’s a beautiful place.

While we were there, we went for a short trip in the area.

We camped out at Yiron; there’s a strange waterhole and lovely camp / chill out area near it, with lots of shade, surrounded by grape vines. Liat and Ran’s specialty is a poike dinner at the campfire – they always get it perfect. This one was as good as it gets – lots of vegetables, some meat, honey and wine for the sauce, and hours in the fire.

While the poike was cooking, the boys ventured into the waterhole – it was a concrete cube with water almost filling it up completely, and one little hole to fit in through at the top (as seen above in the second part of the clip). Cool water and a great view..

The next morning after a great breakfast and another dip in the waterhole, we trekked through Wadi Aviv and from there to Wadi Dishon. It was a very hot day, but not too many people around which was nice. The Wadis are beautiful – all dried and yellowish at the end of the summer. Within a few months and a bit of rain (not too much…) this whole area will turn greener.

At the end of the trail we looked for another water hole, at Dishon. Again, it was surprising and strange.. Took a while to find, as well.. It’s a ladder going underground about two meters, and then we crawled about a meter and a half into an underground chamber full of icy-cold water.  Very refreshing, after the hot day and the walk, but so cold that it was a bit shocking (didn’t take more than 30 seconds for my lips to turn completely blue). A fine way to end the day!

Before we said goodbye to Liat and Ran and began our way back south, we went for some local knafeh – a Palestinian specialty sweet, which originates from Nablus. Kanfeh is made of soft goat cheese and kadaif noodles, flooded with sugar syrup and a bit of rose water (the whole thing is usually colored bright orange but not always). The pan is cooked on a special stove, and when served warm and fresh, it is amazing.

The one we had was sooooooo good; I think it was the best I’d had, Itai still thinks the one we had in Nazareth is better. Either way, it was wonderful.

It is nice to be back home  :)

Hrvatska 2010 – Hajde Bok!

Croatia 2008 was such a success, we knew we’d go back as soon as possible; that was now.

It was just as beautiful as last time, and thanks to good friends, good food, good weather – we had an amazing vacation.

This time around we focused on Dalmacija, and spent our entire time on island Hvar. We drove directly to Split and had lunch with Niksa, and from there hopped on a ferry to Hvar island. We met Marta in Vrboska, and stayed with her for the duration of our visit.

Sveti (saint) Nikolai is the highest little mountain on Hvar. We hiked up one day; the view was amazing! (elevation 620m; 15 km round trip)

Josipa and Jurica, our friends from Jelsa, opened a restaurant called “Me and Mrs. Jones”. It’s right on the waterfront in Jelsa; great location, great food, great hosts.

In a campsite not far from Jelsa we visited some of Marta’s friends from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Marta majors in drawing, and some of the sculpting majors were on the island at a workshop, constructing a mosaic for a local church.

Last time we were on Hvar, we found an amazing hidden beach. It took a while, but we found it again. It was just as amazing… Now we know its name – Zarace (near Hvar city, on the south-western coast of the island).

Itai and Marta climed up to Purkin Kuk, a hill overlooking Stari Grad.

Niksa came out to the island just a couple of days before we left, so we had a chance to spend some more time with him as well.

On our way back, we met with Ana, our magnificent friend from Zagreb. We only had a few hours with her and Ksaver, but it was great fun, as always. We met Ana’s family; it is easy to see how she turned out to be so cool  :)

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Away again – a visit to Vienna

Soon after returning to Israel we left again, to visit my parents in Vienna, Austria.

After some fun and pampering at my parent’s house, we met up with my brother and sisters and their families, and all went for a week skiing at Sankt Anton.

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So we returned home, and are back in the south of Israel.
We left DC a day before the biggest snow storm in years began, and found in Israel exhausting heat in the middle of “winter”. It was quite a change… But the rains from a few days before left amazing dirt formations in the desert.

Soon after we returned it was Purim, a Jewish holiday in which the kids dress up in costumes. We were staying with my sister in Lehavim so I got some pictures of the kids – Shira is a Native American Indian, Maya is a bee and Roy is Darth Maul from Star Wars (and he slashed Itai with his lightsaber..)

Some final arrangements in DC before leaving…

Here are some pics we have from our last month in DC. We spent as much time as we could walking around, enjoying everything DC has to offer.

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